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MindCare360 is an independent resource, owned by C6 Marketing LLC, that provides information about clinical trials, treatments, medications, as well as news & other information, related to mental health and other medical conditions.

On this site you’ll find information and content that may help you with your medical condition; or particular importance to us, is helping to match qualified participants to clinical drug trials. 

Annually, there are hundreds of clinical drug trials launched in the US, across a broad variety of mental health conditions. These trails, run by both public and private institutions, are conducted to help identify medications and treatments that can then be brought to market.

Unfortunately, most trials struggle to find appropriate candidates for the treatment or drug being tested. The result is longer, or even canceled trials, which delays potentially high effective drugs from reaching the market.

Our goal is to help trials more quickly achieve their participant recruitment goals.

On our site, you’ll find a comprehensive listing of trials being run in the United States based on trails listed at https://clinicaltrials.gov/, with the ability to filter and sort, to make your search easier. You may also find trials that we have chosen to highlight based on paid promotion from our partners.

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